Thursday, November 12, 2009

VAJRA SKY Over Tibet

Journey into Buddhism: Vajra Sky Over Tibet Take an illuminating journey through Tibet with filmmaker John Bush's visually stunning exploration of the country and its colorful culture. Showcasing Tibet's majestic mountains and rushing streams, this compelling documentary -- the final chapter of Bush's Yatra Trilogy -- also visits spiritual venues and chronicles how Tibetans have fought to retain their culture and traditions amid China's systematic efforts to eradicate them.

The Buddhist community in Tibet forms the focus for this documentary, which eschews interview footage and instead relies on moving pictures and a soundtrack by local musicians to tell its tale.

Vajra is the Sanskrit word signifying the thunderbolt of illumination, and yatra is the word for pilgrimage or spiritual journey. This enthralling documentary offers a cinematic pilgrimage to central Tibet, bearing witness to the indomitable faith of its endangered Buddhist community and the imminent threat to its very survival.


harbormaster said...

Thank you for the kind words about my film. Actually this is an early version of it. The new widescreen high resolution version was enhanced
and theatrically released. It is currently playing on PBS.

The film is available on dvd as part of my Journey Into Buddhism Trilogy distributed by PBS and available at or

It really deserves to be seen at maximum resolution on a bigger screen. You may learn more about the film at:

This has been my vehicle to share the anxious plight of the noble Buddhist Sangha in Tibet.
Please support it.

Peace & the best of wishes,

John Bush
Producer & Director
Journey Into Buddhism Trilogy
New York

harbormaster said...

While the text refers to the music by local musicians - you also hear the profound chant of David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir throughout the film. This harmonic chant and the devotional compositions of Tibetan singer Dadon create a deep resonance for the inner journey.