Sunday, October 05, 2008

People & Power - The Dalai Lama

From Aljazeera: "The Dalai Lama has imposed a ban on the worship of the 500 year old deity Shugden. This has created divisions among the Tibetans living in India, where Shugden worshippers are being ostracized from their community in the name of the Dalai Lama."


Lyara said...

Thank you for posting this. I found yesterday a very good artice on another blog, written by a non-Shugden Tibetan woman who is concerned for Tibet in general. Here is an extract:

"The way Tibetans have been handling the Dholgyal/Shugden issue says quite a bit about the state of our democratic values. We Tibetans are okay with dissenters being forced into obedience. We see nothing wrong with this political style. We have no issues with the Dalai Lama exerting pressure on dissenters by using secular government organs and tolerating oaths and signature actions in his name. Some even believe it is their duty to expose Dholgyal/Shugden supporters and slander them.

Until recently I thought, the more we talk about this conflict, the worse it becomes. I have changed my mind. I know now that it is wrong to remain silent. All genuine Tibetan democrats must speak up in the political debate over Dholgyal/Shugden. When a few are forced to take on the view of many, we’re going down a dangerous path. It is our duty to speak up. Our young democracy will remain in bad shape if we let this happen without a reaction."

The whole article is here:

Also, do check out the very informed blog on the subject:

Thanks again.

Emily said...

i wonder what will happen O.0