Thursday, February 15, 2007


Krishnamurti with Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche

Extract which focuses on the nature of meditation and the problem of authority. From the video: "Is meditation a way of escaping, avoiding what actually is... or is meditation the understanding of the problem of living?"

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Guzmán. said...

Jiddu Krishnamurti ;

“There are three monks, who had been sitting in deep meditation for many years amidst the Himalayan snow peaks, never speaking a word, in utter silence. One morning, one of the three suddenly speaks up and says, ‘What a lovely morning this is.’ And he falls silent again. Five years of silence pass, when all at once the second monk speaks up and says, ‘But we could do with some rain.’ There is silence among them for another five years, when suddenly the third monk says, ‘Why can’t you two stop chattering?”