Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Great Jelly Mantra

(Thanks to Justine for sharing this)

Om wibilly wobbly woo, wobbly wobbly wibbily, wobbly woo

This is the spontaneous expression of jelly on the level of taste. 'Wibilly wobbly' means the conventional wobbliness of jelly (red jelly). Meaning the relative aspect of jelly, appearing in the form of jelly wobbling. So then the eye sense consciousness that apprehends that jelly wobbling sees the conventional jellyness and perceives it as real jelly wobbling. So it is this conventional nature of jelly that is misapprehended as existing as jelly from it's own side. Therefore woo is the wisdom realizing this mistaken view, that jelly does not exist from it's own
side, and is empty of any kind of jellyness. 'Wobbly wobbly wibbily' then is the ultimate nature of all jelly, as realized by 'woo'. This kind of stabilizes the wobbliness also, as we may understand the ultimate nature of jelly, but still, it is conventionally wobbling. Finally 'wobbly woo' is the union of the two, the empty nature, 'wibbily wobbly' meaning the aspect of jelly wobbling in conventional jellyness, perceived as real jelly wobbling and the wisdom realizing its empty nature. Then 'wobbly wobbly wibbily' realizes this and stabilizes not only this view in the ultimate sense of a non wobbling inherent jelly, but ultimate nature of all jelly. Wobbly woo. Empty while still wobbling.

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